At GLS, we represent buyers, sellers and lenders during a real estate transaction whether it is a purchase, contract purchase or refinance. We also close For Sale by Owner transactions, cash sales, transactions where lenders are involved and commercial transactions.

Our services include:

  • Order abstract update
  • Order title work from attorneys and/or title insurance
  • Have as much or as little contact with buyers/sellers as you request
  • Clear any judgments that show up on title
  • Order the deed pack from the attorney of the sellers choosing
  • Order mortgage payoffs
  • Verify all liens are cleared from title
  • Verify property taxes and special assessments (if any)
  • Prepare Closing Disclosures
  • Meet with clients to sign a deed pack
  • Present and explain closing documents on behalf of lenders
  • Issuance of 1099
  • Notary Service
  • Witness Closing
  • Disburse funds in accordance with the settlement statement including third party fees
  • Payoff any mortgages/liens that show up on title
  • Submit the documents (deed, declaration of value, groundwater hazard statement, mortgage, riders and any affidavits) to the local recorder for recordation 
  • Order final abstracting to ensure all liens have been released (including mortgage from prior title holders)
  • Ensure that the current title holder is accurate and is free from errors
  • Provide title commitment and issue closing protection letters